More and more companies in Ukraine and in the World are choosing outsourcing services. After all,hiring a professional that will perform only periodic or one-time tasks is not efficient, in comparison to engaging such a professional as an outsourcer, when the need arises.

If you look closely, outsourcing is everywhere. To accomplish our daily tasks, we involve both freelancers and specialized companies, for example for web-site development and promotion on the Internet and social media, accounting, office equipment maintenance, copywriting, maintenance, call-center services, etc.

Legal services are notexclusion. Business often involves legal outsourcing to perform certain tasks or to provide comprehensive legal support on an ongoing basis.To choose a reliable outsourcing company, we suggest you to pay attention to the following.

  1. Amount of lawyers in the company.

It’s a fact, that to provide high-quality legal outsourcing the company must have lawyers of different specializations, since one person can’t thoroughly handle all the issues. If there is such an opportunity, you should familiarize yourself with the background and achievements of the lawyers who may be involved in your tasks.

  1. Relevant articles on the web-site.

It’s no secret that by publications and commentsa lawyer is revealed as a professional. The availability of professional and systematic publications indicates his knowledge of the subject, the ability to present material, substantiate the findings and monitor changes in legislation and judicial practice. In addition, publications often contain information about company cases, which allows you to get acquainted with the real caseswhichwere conducted by the company.

  1. Availability of recommendations from B2B clients.

Indeed, it is important to pay attention to the availability of recommendations from companies that have benefited from legal outsourcing. In particular, pay attention to their amount, the presence of companies with well-known brands and the content of such recommendations.

  1. List of services included in the tariff plan.

If the three above-mentioned criteria for reliable outsourcing did not cause any worries, you can move on to the valuation and the filling of tariffs. In addition to the information on the site, we recommend that you ask the company for a copy of the service agreement, because the information on the site often is more advertising than real.

5.Calculation procedure of the cost of services

It’s a well-known fact that any outsourcing, including legal, can be paid on an hourly basis or on a fixed basis. Therefore, it is worthwhile to predict the frequency of request for a lawyer during a month, in order to choose a favorable option. For example, if the frequency of requests is not significant and not systematic, you shouldchoose hourly payments, and if there is a constant flow of legal issues, it may be best to choose a fixed payment option that will cover the entire amount of work.

We hope our advice will be useful for you and you will choose a truly qualitative legal outsourcing that will help your business to grow quickly and securely.

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